COLLABORATION PORTRAIT : 50% of Profits to benefit 4 NPOs

The following artwork will, as part of my 2020 Art Campaign, not only benefit the 3 NPOs I have partnered with but will also serve benefit The Western Cape Cheetah Conservation, too, who I have partenered with for this very special piece.

Western Cape Cheetah Conservation is working for and has its fundamental objective and focus to rehabilitate and release cheetahs in the western cape as well as in rest of South Africa. 
WCCC has so far rescued over 25 individuals and released 7 back into protected natural areas.

WCCC details below:



Or, alternatively follow Lisa Kytösaho (Head of WCCC) on Instagram, too:

Lisa Kytösaho

Prints are limited to 50, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to support Wildlife Conservation in South Africa.

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